Unburdening Souls: Science and Mystery

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My book is not about Thomas Merton. I discuss him here because the book is about combining and looking at the work of psychology through a spiritual and even mystical lens. I am moving into territory that I should not enter much like Merton. I can’t help myself, I have lived in these two areas my entire life, experiencing it, loving it, and hating it.

Do not get me wrong, I’m grateful for science. EMDR is a scientific discovery and its development and effectiveness is because of rigorous scientific research. Science is necessary, but is not necessarily the whole story. I will make the case for a different view, a richer and more sacred view of unburdening souls at the speed of thought.
It takes away nothing from the science of psychology, but it may add to this landscape.

It’s like watching the shuttle take off here in Florida. There is an enormous amount of science going on when it takes off. However, at take-off it looks mythic; it is like Helios’ Fiery Chariot racing through the sky. It is indescribable, one must experience it, seeing pictures or video cannot capture the majesty of these few moments of wonder. People come from all over the world to see this event. Few come to see the science of it, most to experience the magical sight of it. So it is with the journey within. The science of EMDR will get you through the journey and safely back again, but the experience is not scientific it is a spiritual transformation that must be experienced.

Few of us will have the expereince of traveling into space, but I dare say that the journey inward can be just as awe inspiring. One is never the same again. I hope you will agree and come along for the most interesting part of life, a part few of us have time for, as the mystery of the kingdom that lives within each us is revealed. I hope you will take heed as we unlock the door to the gates of this beautiful, wonderful, and treacherous world that is the kingdom within.


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