EMDR Therapy Training: 7 Crucial Facts You Need to Know

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If you want to make more progress with clients who suffer from anxiety, abuse, and trauma, consider EMDR therapy training. EMDR is a treatment designed by Francine Shapiro to alleviate the distress of past traumatic events. The treatment continues to grow in popularity, especially for treating PTSD. There are a few things you should know before embarking upon this path.


What is EMDR therapy training?

To become an EMDR therapist, you must take EMDR training. The basic training is available in two parts – Part 1 and Part 2. Many choose to take both parts together. The parts 1 and 2 intensive EMDR training can be completed in just 5 days. Basic EMDR training is 50 hours long.

EMDR training can change your life. Not for the way it change your practice, but because you get to experience EMDR as a client during your training. This powerful therapy continues to grow in popularity because it’s so effective.

The training comes with quite a list of objectives. Students of EMDR Educators of Florida get to learn the history of EMDR and how this therapy is evolving. They are also trained on the protocols and learn to apply EMDR safely and effectively in various client scenarios.

Dr. Andrew Dobo, your EMDR trainer, ensures students are comfortable and that they come through training competent. Students love how he makes the process fun.

Upon completing the 50-hour basic training and 10 consultation calls you’ll be an EMDR therapist. At that point you may want to consider EMDR certification. It’s for those who want this therapy to play a key role in advancing their mental health career. Getting EMDR certified is the second of three levels of training it takes to become an EMDRIA-approved EMDR consultant.


Why take EMDR training?

Have you heard about what can be achieved through EMDR? Unlike many other approaches, EMDR doesn’t just treat symptoms – it transforms lives. It has proven effective for treating PTSD and trauma. It’s even applicable for anxiety, panic disorders, depression, and addiction. That anyone suffering from PTSD can benefit from EMDR therapy is now widely-accepted fact.

Many clients and therapists alike prefer this treatment in lew of prescription medications. While medications come with unwanted side effects, EMDR is safe. It works for children as well as adults. Therapists who bring the power of EMDR into their practices enhance the positive benefit they can bring into their clients’ lives. Also, note that, since starting with EMDR, our Dr. Dobo has never needed marketing for his practice.


Who qualifies for EMDR therapy training?

Some professionals are not eligible for training, despite their work appearing to be in a related field. School psychologists, for example, cannot be trained. To qualify for EMDR training you must have mental health training. Your education should be in psychiatry, counseling, marriage family therapy, social work, psychotherapy, psychology, or other related mental health discipline. If you’re unsure if you qualify, feel free to contact us.

Where should you take EMDR training?

Once you decide that completing EMDR therapy training is the right move and you’re confident you’re eligible for training, the next step is to find out where and when to train. Who you choose for EMDR training is important, as your experience will impact your effectiveness and passion.

Various organizations offer EMDR training. You may or may not find one available in your area. Basic EMDR training cannot be done online. Before you focus on when is training, its best to find the trainer and the location.

EMDR Educators of Florida offers training in the Central Florida area. Many students travel from nearby states such as Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, and other locations in the Southeastern United States to attend. Some come from even further away because they’ve heard about Dr. Dobo and want to experience his approach to teaching EMDR.

After you’ve found the right trainer and location the next step is to check out their training schedule. If you’re ability to travel is limited such that you must go with the trainer that’s closest by, you might have quite a wait ahead. If that’s your case, bide the time by reading Dr. Shapiro’s Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing: Basic Principles, Protocols and Procedures. We also recommend Unburdening Souls at the Speed of Thought, by Dr. Andrew Dobo.


How much does EMDR training cost?

The cost of EMDR training usually doesn’t vary much from one organization to the next. Those seeking to pay less to enter training can use installment plans and/or take one of the two parts at a time. At EMDR Educators of Florida, nonprofit students get discounts and installment plans are available for all students and trainings. The required 10 consultations, however, come at a seperate fee. Those who work for a nonprofit may be able to get consultations for free through their organization.

When researching a training program, it’s important to understand what’s included in the price. It’s not rare for cost of consultations to be seperate from the cost of tuition. Those who choose to get their EMDR therapy training through EMDR Educators of Florida are learning from an EMDRIA-approved provider. You get a Certificate of Completion after your 40 hours of training and 10 consultation hours. Also, our training counts for 40 CEUs.

The cost of the 5-day intensive Basic EMDR training parts 1 and 2 is $1395. The installment plan for this training is only $280 a month for five months. If you’re a nonprofit student the cost is $1095. And the installment plan is five payments of $220.

Still, if you’re not up to taking both parts at once you can opt to take parts 1 and 2 separately. At EMDR Educators of Florida the cost of a part 1 or part 2 training is $700 or four installments of $175. If you’re a nonprofit student, you’ll pay $550 for this training or your installment plan will be three installments of $185.


How to find the best EMDR therapy training?

There many very competent and professional EMDR trainers operating throughout the U.S. Any one of them can be considered the best and each brings their own unique flavor to the training experience. The best EMDR therapy training is the one that gives you the best experience, gets you the most excited to use EMDR in your practice, and is effective at helping you become comfortable and confident when using EMDR with your clients.

By the way, it just wouldn’t be right for us to not share with you a few of the reviews Dr. Andrew Dobo has earned from his students:

“Dr. Andrew Dobo is one of the best consultants I have had the privilege of working with. He led an EMDR seminar during my graduate training. The way he described the concepts, process, and treatment made it easy and digestible. His passion for EMDR was contagious… I soon began to share in his passion. He has guided me through the process of being certified and I couldn’t be more thankful. Throughout the process, Dr. Dobo has shown his expertise in this area and has shared this with me. I am a better EMDR provider because of his work and teaching. Highest recommendations.” – Billine Jourdan, Psy.D., Florida Institute of Technology

“Dr. Andrew Dobo was very professional and knowledgeable, providing clear direction and feedback during EMDR training. He provides structured, group case consultation on a weekly basis which has proven to be extremely beneficial to me as a private practitioner. I was able to effectively utilize EMDR with my clients immediately after training.” – Danielle Roginski, LCSW – Transition Counseling, Inc.


Why Train with EMDR Educators of FL?

We’ll let Dr. Dobo tell you himself…

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  1. Ann Adams

    I’m interested in the training, After having been reading Francine’s book, getting past your past… And seeing that it makes sense but yet, as you say, without the training I don’t feel I’m being as effective as I could be with her ideas. I will reach out to you again, but feel free to email me with the schedule since I haven’t been able to click on it within LinkedIn yet ( I am 68, not new to psychotherapy but more new to technology LOL ) Thanks for reaching out to me and have a wonderful day.


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