The Cost of EMDR Training

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How Much is the Cost of EMDR Training?

One of the biggest excuses graduate students, nurses, and therapists use for not adding EMDR therapy to their repertoire is the cost of EMDR training. Some do this without even knowing what they would have to pay.

As with most types of education or training, the amount of your tuition depends a lot on the organization you choose. Certain groups may receive discounts from certain training providers. At EMDR Educators of Florida, for example, nonprofit students get discounted rates.

But, as EMDR training availability and schedules vary by region, registering according to a price-based decision might not be the best approach. The cost of travel may be a factor and it’s a cost not included in the program rates. This can make that lowest-cost training quickly become the most expensive.

One more thing you should know: those who complete both parts 1 and 2 earn the right to call themselves EMDR therapists. Think of EMDR training as an investment. It can transform the lives of your clients, and it can transform your practice. This popular therapy continues to grow in demand.

Since starting with EMDR over 20 years ago, our Dr. Dobo has never needed to market his practice. When you have the option, it may make more business sense to complete both parts in a single 5-day training instead of taking each one separately.

Though the combined intensive training costs more upfront regardless of the EMDR trainer you choose, the space between your EMDR part 1 and part 2 training could be months. Those are months EMDR could have been working for you.

Here are some of the top training organizations and their cost of EMDR training:

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Why Train with EMDR Educators of Florida?

When you choose us, you get to learn EMDR from our very own Dr. Andrew Dobo, author of Unburdening Souls at the Speed of Thought. The passion and insight he brings makes learning a fun, enjoyable experience that leaves you eager to put EMDR to work in your practice. He makes sure students are comfortable, and that they’re knowledgeable, competent EMDR professionals upon completion.

We offer EMDR training in Florida throughout the year. And the cost of EMDR training at EMDR Educators of Florida is in line with the rates you can expect from other organizations.


Watch the following video to hear Dr. Dobo explain why you should choose us for your training in EMDR:


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