Leslie McGuirk, internationally renowned astrologer, author, and artist discusses why EMDR is such a powerful tool for many of her clients. She agreed to be a guest blogger on my site. Her thoughts are below:

As a professional Astrologer, the number one thing I suggest, to my clients who have experienced traumas, or patterns that they can’t seem to break, is EMDR.  I have over 30 years experience with reading Astrology charts, and I have clients all over the world.  I often see situations and patterns that my clients can’t seem to change on their own.  It is like a needle getting stuck in a groove on a record in a record player.  Regular talk therapy is like talking about the needle being stuck in the groove.  It can be useful to understand that this is a problem.  However, EMDR physically lifts that needle so that the record is no longer stuck in that one place.  There is nothing else that heals at this deep physical and emotional level. I have sent many clients to EMDR practioners around the world and all of them have been profoundly grateful.  An Astrologer can only see patterns.  With EMDR the pattern can actually be broken.  It is an invaluable tool and one that more people need to know about!


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