3 Great Things to Consider About EMDR Training Online

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These days a lot of potential clients prefer online EMDR therapy to office visits. Likewise, many therapists prefer to complete their EMDR training online.

The move to offer virtual training instead of in-person only was one had to make. Our biggest concern was ensuring that the experience stayed in keeping with the training quality for which we’ve become known. But there remains a basic difference in the in-person vs online training experience. There are a few things you should consider before you choose.

The Pros and Cons of Virtual EMDR Training

Whether you go with virtual or traditional training there are quite a few details that remain the same. For example, we use the same curriculum whether doing EMDR training online or in person. Our training sessions are EMDRIA-approved and offer CEUs either way.

On our side, you can expect a professional, high-quality experience. Nevertheless, there are a few factors that could impact your outcome. These have to do with your preferences and learning style.

The Pros of EMDR Training Online

Convenience, convenience, convenience. The ability to attend training from wherever you are has to be, of course, the best benefit of virtual EMDR training. This is especially true if you’re in a different state from your training provider. While we hold all of our in-person training in Florida where we’re located, therapists attend our virtual training from all over the U.S.

But did we mention that they also come to us from distant places when we’re doing in-person? Those who love to travel are less likely to opt for EMDR training online when they see the in-person session as a grand excuse to come enjoy the sunny Florida weather.

Completing the training online may also give you a helpful sense of isolation, if that’s your learning style. If you attended college courses online and preferred it that way, then taking your EMDR training online may make the most sense for you.

Of course, our main concern is always that students feel comfortable, comprehend deeply and finish training highly competent. Many therapists have went through our online training and done very well. Their practices thrive.

But, if you ask Dr. Dobo what his preference is then he’ll tell you it’s in-person training. Here’s why:

The Cons of EMDR Training Online

Of course we aim to be known for having the best EMDR training online, but there remain some major differences between the virtual and in-person experience. These are not necessarily downsides to everyone.

The interaction would have to be the number one thing we miss. Yes, a lot of interacting goes on while we’re together on Zoom. It’s great. It’s just not exactly the same.

When we set up an in-person training, we go through great lengths to make it really engaging in fun. Dr. Dobo has been know, for example, to take the students out by the swimming pool and go over the material there. There’s always some wonderful memories and connections made. We usually get some really good photos.

And fun stuff aside, we’ve noticed that students attending in-person training seem to go deeper. It’s about the human -to-human connection. Communication simply takes on a different flavor face-to-face.

Moreover, it can take longer to become an EMDR therapist when you take your EMDR training online. When we do it in person, levels 1 and 2 come combined in one 5-day intensive training session. When we do it online, you’ll take your EMDR level 1 training online first and may have to wait a few weeks or even months to take the required level 2.

Should You Learn EMDR Online?

EMDR is a powerful and transformative therapy that sets clients free to live as their authentic selves. Your training experience can have a big impact on who you become as an EMDR therapist.

We wouldn’t offer EMDR training online if we felt that doing EMDR therapy training online would have a negative impact on our students. EMDRIA supports online training for therapists and so do we. We’re proud of the many therapists who took the online route with us and are now out there in the world transforming people’s lives for the better.

We believe that if you choose EMDR Educators as your training provider you’ll have a positive experience either way. It’s just that we do want you to think deeply about which approach is right for you. Convenience shouldn’t be the only deciding factor.

Be sure to check out our EMDR training schedule for more information on upcoming virtual and in-person training dates. If you’re looking to complete your EMDR certification training online, we offer that too. Simple contact our office and we’ll be glad to go over the EMDR certification process with you.


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