EMDR Educators of Florida - Dr. Andrew Dobo | Consulting
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Dr. Andrew Dobo

EMDR is an efficient and effective model of psychotherapy utilizing eye movements and other forms of bilateral stimulation to help process a wide range of psychological complaints.  EMDR easily integrates with most psychological models of therapy. It also has been intensely researched since 1989, proving to be effective with stress and trauma.


Dr. Dobo is a certified EMDR therapist and approved consultant. With his experience as the executive director of EMDR Educators of Florida, he is able to offer EMDRIA-approved consultation to become certified or an approved consultant. He is also a consultant for those who have completed the EMDR Therapy Basic Training and need to complete their 10 hours of telephone consultation.


He is a trainer of EMDR workshops, EMDR Educators of Florida is an approved provider of CEUs for all mental health professionals in the state of Florida.


If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us.


Dr. Dobo also offers formal training for clinicians through the EMDR Educators of Florida. See the Training page